When Kate Unsworth, 28-year-old president of Vinaya, talks about marketing, she seems like the millennial spirit personified.

" I’m because generation that doesn’t respond to advertising," she states. "I choose discovery-type brand names and neighborhood movements. I respond to brand names that discover a smart method of connecting with me."

Her words echo completely the mantra of the contemporary marketer. They are the words of the uber-millennial, if you will (for any Generation Z readers: "uber" is being used in the superlative sense here, not as a synonym for taxi).


Queen of the Mountains is an efficiency cycling clothing brand, created by women bicyclists for women bicyclists, states creator Alicia Bamford. We pride ourselves on developing the first-rate biking clothing, that is soaked in the beauty and liberty that is at the heart of biking. Our brand name purpose is to empower women to ride Betty Barclay.

The first collection, all set for spring and summer season, has been inspired by Mont Ventoux, the famous climb that has been the stage of numerous titanic fights in the Tour de France,


Commuters are now able to drive down McCarter Highway in Newark and feast their eyes on what is being acknowledged as the biggest mural on the East Coast, the 2nd largest in the United States.

The mural, properly named Portraits, is a part of the Newark Downtown District's Gateways to Newark effort, which celebrates the city's expressive history and daily narratives through the works of 18 prominent artists,

a bulk of whom are current or previous Newark citizens. Gateways to Newark seeks to improve and restore Newark's significant entry points with captivating public art murals that will commemorate the past and offer a glimpse into future of the city.